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Astronaut Politics and Other Autographs

Astronaut Politics and Other Autographs offers dozens of different authentic autographed books, magazines, photos, posters, trading cards and other memorabilia from:

  • Astronauts including Buzz Aldrin, Gene Cernan, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Scott Kelly and Sally Ride
  • Comedians including Michael Che, Margaret Cho, Billy Crystal, Tina Fey, Whoopi Goldberg, George Lopez, Conan O'Brien, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Tucker
  • Jockeys including Hall of Famers Steve Cauthen, Jean Cruguet, Laffit Pincay Jr. and Ron Turcotte
  • Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Harry Truman and First Ladies Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Laura Bush
  • Extreme Sports stars including Tony Hawk (autographed American Wasteland 8x10 photo shown here), Mat Hoffman and Dave Mirra
  • Sportscasters including Chris Berman, Don Criqui, Brent Musberger and Chris Schenkel includes a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with each autographed collectible sold, as required by California law. All autographs are guaranteed authentic for LIFE. Each autographed item is accompanied by a COA from and/or the company that authenticated, obtained or witnessed the signature.
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107th U.S. Senate autographed 8x10 photos matted and framed Hillary Clinton Ted Kennedy John McCain Fred Thompson Paul Wellstone
Buzz Aldrin autograph matted and framed with Apollo 11 8x10 photo
Buzz Aldrin autographed Apollo 11 Magnificent Desolation hardcover book (JSA)
Bud Anderson autographed U.S. Air Force original vintage black & white photo
Avi Arad autograph or cut signature
Joy Behar & Sherri Shepherd autographed The View 8x10 photo
Georgy Beregovoy autographed 1968 USSR Soyuz 3 First Day Cover
Milton Berle autographed vintage magazine photo matted & framed
Milton Berle certified autograph 1992 Pro Line card
Black Lightning creator and writers autographed 2018 Wondercon poster
Bill Bradley autographed Values of the Game hardcover book
Myles Brand autograph or cut signature
Tom Breneman (Breakfast in Hollywood) autographed autograph album or book page
David Brenner autographed index card
Jim Bunning autographed 3x5 index card
Carol Burnett autographed 10x10 book photo
Bobby Burgess and Elaine Niverson autographs or cut signatures
George Burns and Barbara Stanwyck autographed autograph album or book page
Barbara Bush autographed Millie's Book cover matted & framed
Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush autographed Sisters First hardcover book
Laura Bush autographed Spoken from the Heart hardcover book
Nolan Bushnell autographed Atari 2600 Surround video game cartridge
Nolan Bushnell autographed Atari 2600 Combat video game instruction booklet
Nolan Bushnell autographed Atari 2600 Surround video game instruction booklet
James Cameron autograph matted and framed with Avatar movie magazine cover and 5x7 photo
Ben Carson autographed A More Perfect Union hardcover book
Chris Carter autographed X-Files 8x10 publicity photo
Gillian Anderson Chris Carter Dean Haglund autographed X-Files Season 10 comic book (JSA)
Jimmy Carter autographed 8x10 black & white photo (JSA)
Jimmy Carter autographed Turning Point hardcover book
Jimmy Carter autographed Our Endangered Values hardcover book
Jimmy Carter autographed horizontal 8x10 black and white photo (BAS authenticated)
Jimmy Carter autographed Sources of Strength hardcover book
Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter autographed 8x10 black & white inauguration photo (JSA)
Rosalynn Carter autographed Helping Yourself Help Others hardcover book
Steve Cauthen autographed 1977 Sports Illustrated
Steve Cauthen Jean Cruguet Ron Turcotte autographed Triple Crown 16x20 poster size photo matted and framed (JSA)
Steve Cauthen Jean Cruguet Ron Turcotte autographed Triple Crown 16x20 poster size photo matted and framed (PSA/DNA)
Cedric the Entertainer and Anthony Anderson autographed Barbershop movie promo DVD
Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong autographed vintage 23x35 inch poster framed
Michael Che autographed paper ticket
Theo Chen autographed 1993 Beckett Publications trading card
Don Mancini and David Kirschner autographed Child's Play Chucky Good Guys full cereal box
Margaret Cho autograph or cut signature
Bill Clinton autographed 1992 Business Week magazine cover matted & framed
Bill Clinton autographed 2012 Time magazine (JSA)
Bill Clinton autographed Arkansas Razorbacks 1994 Sports Illustrated magazine (JSA)
Bill Clinton autographed 2002 Newsweek cover matted & framed
Hillary Clinton autographed An Invitation to the White House hardcover coffee table book (full name signature)
Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton autographed Gutsy Women hardcover first edition book
Norman Cohn autographed Atanarjuat The Fast Runner full size 27x40 movie poster
Gordon Cooper autographed Leap of Faith hardcover book
Jean Cruguet autographed Seattle Slew 1977 Kentucky Derby Sports Illustrated
Billy Crystal autographed index card matted and framed with Oscars 8x10 photo
Billy Crystal autographed Still Foolin' 'Em first edition hardcover book
Billy Crystal autographed 8x10 portrait photo
Fabiola da Silva autographed vert skating 8x10 photo (Steiner Sports)
Larry David and Jeff Garlin autographed Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 DVD set (JSA)
Tom Dreesen autographed 4x6 signature card
Dick Enberg autographed 1989 Pro Set Announcers card (personalized)
Sarah Ferguson autographed Dieting with the Duchess hardcover book
Tina Fey autographed sexy 11x14 Vanity Fair magazine cover photo or print (JSA)
Tina Fey autographed 8x10 photo (JSA)
Betty Ford autographed A Glad Awakening hardcover book
Gerald Ford autographed Top Flite golf ball (JSA)
John Glenn autographed 1962 NASA Project Mercury First Day Cover matted and framed with 8x10 photo (JSA)
Whoopi Goldberg autographed If Someone Says You Complete Me, RUN! hardcover book
Jane Goodall autographed 8x10 photo (BAS authenticated)
Jane Goodall autographed Hope for Animals and Their World hardcover book
Phil Gordon autographed Final Table Poker DVD cover insert
Phil Gordon autographed Joker playing card
Phil Gordon certified autograph 2010 Razor poker card
Al Gore autographed The Future hardcover first edition book
Al Gore autographed The Assault On Reason hardcover book
Tipper Gore autograph or cut signature
Alfred Gough and Miles Millar autographed Smallville poster cut fragment
Frank Graham autograph on plain paper (cut signature)
Chelsea Handler autographed bang Bang hardcover first edition book
Samantha Harris autographed FHM magazine sexy full page photo
Omar Hassan autographed Vans skateboarding poster
Tony Hawk autographed American Wasteland 8x10 skateboarding photo
Tony Hawk autographed Huckjam Series 11x17 inch prefolded poster
Tony Hawk autographed 8x10 portrait photo
Tony Hawk autographed Occupation Skateboarder hardcover book
HeadKrack autographed 4x6 promo photo
Headkrack & Jenna Owens autographed Dish Nation 2013 Comic-Con promo poster
Hugh Hefner autographed The Playboy Book 40 Years The Complete Pictorial History (JSA LOA)
Hugh Hefner autographed Tanqueray full page magazine photo ad matted and framed
Paige Hemmis (Extreme Makeover) autographed 8x10 photo
Mat Hoffman autographed 6x10 Target promotional photo
Bob Hope autographed 1978 Charlie Conacher Cancer Research Fund program (JSA)
Bob Hope autographed 11x14 black & white photo framed
Wayne Huizenga autographed Miami Dolphins 1993 calendar back cover
Glenn Jacobs autographed Mayor Kane hardcover book
Vice President Lyndon Johnson autograph or cut signature inscribed With Best Wishes dated May 1963
Mark Steven Johnson autograph or cut signature
Tim Kaine autographed Clinton Kaine 2016 bumper sticker
Yousuf Karsh autographed black and white 8x10 portrait photo (dated and inscribed)
Scott Kelly autographed Endurance hardcover young readers edition book
Jack Kemp autographed Buffalo Bills 1991 Pro Line Portraits card
President John F. Kennedy autograph or cut signature dated May 1962 inscribed With very best wishes (JSA)
Jimmy Kimmel autograph matted and framed with 8x10 photo
Larry King autograph matted and framed with CNN 8x10 photo
Andrea Kremer autograph or cut signature inscribed ESPN
Bucky Lasek autographed 8x10 skateboarding photo
Ang Lee autographed Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD cover insert
Jeanette Lee autographed Black Widow logo billiards 8 ball (JSA)
Richard Lewis Alias certified autograph card
George Lopez autograph or cut signature
George Lopez autographed 8x10 photo
George Lopez autographed 2007 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic magazine
Paul Lynde autograph matted and framed with 8x10 portrait photo
Maeghan Major autographed Sports Illustrated for Kids card
Don Mancini and David Kirschner autographed Child's Play Chucky Good Guys full cereal box
Evan Marriott autographed index card
Peter Marshall autographed index card
U.S. Senator Eugene McCarthy autograph or cut signature (JSA)
Carlos Mencia autographed Mind of Mencia DVD insert
Maria Menounos autographed sexy 2003 FHM full page magazine photo
Carl Michael autographed 4x6 signature card
Dennis Miller autographed The Rants hardcover book
Dave Mirra autographed Got Milk? magazine back cover BMX ad (JSA)
Thomas (Tom) Moorer autograph or cut signature (JSA)
Cesar Mora (inline skater) autographed 8x10 photo
Jonathan Mostow certified autograph Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines 2003 Comic Images card A4
Brent Musberger autographed 1989 NFL Pro Set Announcers football card
Scotty Nguyen certified autograph 2010 Razor poker card
Barack Obama autographed 2008 campaign flyer photo matted & framed
Barack Obama autographed Dreams from My Father softcover book (JSA)
Michelle Obama autographed Becoming Deluxe Signed Edition hardcover book
Conan O'Brien autographed 2011 Flaming C Entertainment Weekly 10x20 foldout poster
Conan O'Brien autographed 2010 Rolling Stone full page magazine photo
Ellen Ochoa (astronaut) autographed Space Shuttle SpaceMasters toy
Sandra Day O'Connor autographed Lazy B hardcover book (For Ashley)
Sandra Day O'Connor autographed Lazy B hardcover book
Beto O'Rourke autographed Beto for President official 2020 campaign cap or hat
Beto O'Rourke autographed California for Beto campaign sign
Dave R. Palmer and Carl F. Ullrich (Army West Point) autographs or cut signatures
Penn and Teller autographed Live at the Rio 5x7 inch postcard (JSA)
Penn and Teller autographed Accidents Will Happen mini magazine ad
Penn and Teller autographed Bullshit! Complete First Season DVD set
Penn and Teller autographed Living in Vegas Live at the Rio program
Laffit Pincay Jr. autographed 16x20 poster size photo (PSA/DNA)
Colin Powell autographed My American Journey first edition hardcover book
Colin Powell autographed It Worked For Me hardcover book
Dan Quayle autographed Titleist golf ball
Dan Quayle autographed oversized golf magazine photo
Dan Quayle autographed The American Family hardcover book (dated 5-97)
Dan Quayle autographed Indiana Pacers cap or hat
Dan Quayle autographed National League baseball
Marilyn Quayle and Nancy Northcott autographed Campaign hardcover book
Nancy Reagan autographed To Love A Child hardcover book inscribed Best Wishes dated May '92
Condoleezza Rice autographed golf ball
Sally Ride autographed The Mystery of Mars hardcover photo book
Sally Ride autographed The Third Planet hardcover photo book (water damage)
Sally Ride autographed To Space And Back hardcover book
Mathias Ringstrom autographed 8x10 skateboarding photo
Chris Rock autographed 11x14 Rolling Stone book photo
Chris Rock autograph matted & framed with GQ magazine cover
Ray Romano autographed Target magazine cover
Ray Romano autographed 8x10 photo
Willy Santos autographed 18x24 skateboarding poster
Chris Schenkel autograph or cut signature
Jerry Seinfeld autographed apartment photo matted and framed
Jerry Seinfeld autographed 11x14 Rolling Stone book photo (as Elvis Presley)
Gene Shalit certified autograph 2004 Donruss Fans of the Game card
Craig Shoemaker autographed 4x6 signature card
Heath Shuler autographed Washington Redskins card
Sonia Sotomayor autographed My Beloved World hardcover first edition book
Sonia Sotomayor autographed Turning Pages hardcover children's book
James St. Clair (President Nixon's Watergate attorney) autograph or cut signature
John H. Sununu autographed index card
President Harry Truman autograph or cut signature dated 1959 and inscribed (JSA Letter of Authenticity)
Chris Tucker autograph matted & framed with 8x10 photo
Ron Turcotte autographed Secretariat 8x10 photo inscribed Luck (PSA/DNA)
Peter Ueberroth autographed MLB baseball
Lesley Visser certified autograph 1992 NFL Pro Line card
Lesley Visser (sportscaster) autographed 1992 Pro Line card
Morgan Webb autographed 2007 FHM Magazine calendar
Morgan Webb autographed sexy FHM magazine full page photo
George Will autographed National League baseball
Skinwalkers cast autographed full size 27x40 movie poster Natassia Malthe Shawn Roberts Stan Winston (to Andrew)
Takeshi Yasutoko (inline vert skater) autographed Sports Illustrated for Kids card
Chuck Yeager autographed 25x37 inch lithograph (limited edition of 1400)