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College Football Jerseys and Apparel offers many rare stitched Nike officially licensed NCAA college football jerseys, plus other NCAA college football caps, hats and apparel. Featured at right is a Saquon Barkley Penn State authentic Nike stitched jersey with model Jasmine Simpson. The jerseys in this section are NOT autographed. The vast majority of our college football jerseys are authentic original licensed jerseys from manufacturers such as Champion, Nike, Reebok, Starter and more. All of our stitched jerseys are made with hand cut cloth tackle twill names and numbers, professionally stitched in the United States. NO BOOTLEGS OR COUNTERFEITS! As shown on ESPN Outside the Lines, the vast majority of jerseys sold on the internet are cheap counterfeits made in Asia with vinyl numbers made to look like cloth, which is why the numbers look shiny and/or wrinkly. Not to mention they smell funny and may not survive even one machine washing.

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