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Model Leaf Cut Signature Cards

Model Leaf Cut Signature Cards is the world's largest seller of Leaf Executive Collection Cut Signature certified autograph cards. Leaf produced Executive Collection Cut Signature cards from 2011 through 2018. Every autograph on these cards was certified by Beckett Authentication Services, JSA or PSA/DNA. Almost all of our Leaf Cut Signature cards are Masterpiece 1/1 cards which means that is the only one featuring those autograph(s) produced that year. Before the pandemic, we had almost 800 Leaf cards in stock, we're now down to about 400.

The Leaf Executive Collection Cut Signature Population Reports for the last three years are here: 2016 2017 2018

On this page is the inventory of Leaf Cut Signature certified autograph cards for models including the Christie Brinkley 2017 Leaf Masterpiece Cut Signature certified autograph 1/1 card shown here.
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