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95% Of Cast Autographed Movie Posters Are Fake

95% Of Cast Autographed Movie Posters Are Fake


If you actively collect sports autographs, you know that fakes are a huge problem. What you may not know is the problem is probably worse when it comes to entertainment autographs, especially of modern movie stars.

Of all the commonly sold autographed items on the market, cast autographed movie posters are the most likely to be fake entertainment autographs. Obviously, there is great demand, and therefore strong incentive to commit fraud. Who wouldn't want a cast autographed poster of their favorite movie?

The problem is in the difficulty of actually obtaining such an item. Think about it logically. When do movie posters get released? Typically no more than a few months before the scheduled release date of the movie.

Once a movie's script is finalized, it typically takes at least several months to film, and another several months to edit and produce. Then it often sits for months awaiting its release date, which is carefully timed by Hollywood to maximize the box office.

So where are the actors and actresses when a movie's posters are first released? Usually they are scattered all over the country, if not the world, because filming has long been completed and the movie is in post-production or "in the can" awaiting release. The actors are on to their next project or filming their TV show or relaxing at home. They aren't hanging out together somewhere, conveniently waiting to be approached by autograph dealers with posters.

What about conventions like San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest pop culture event in the world? Well, I attended Comic-Con for 20 straight years. I've attended more movie signings than I can remember, as in several dozen. And guess what -- entire movie casts almost NEVER show up together. Usually it's just one or two of the biggest stars and maybe the director, not entire casts.

What about red carpet premieres in Hollywood? Some are accessible, some are not, but even there, some or even most of the cast may attend. Rarely all. And only some of the actors will take the trouble to walk over and sign on the red carpet. At the 2011 Ides of March premiere I attended in Hollywood, the only main star who signed was George Clooney, and not everyone there even got him.

If it's a big name, you're talking about a chaotic mob scene. You wouldn't even want to TRY getting a movie poster (especially a full size one) signed because there's a much greater chance of it getting damaged than signed. The star probably will grab the first pen he or she sees, and scribble with it for a while, then walk away. That's exactly what Clooney did.

When I see all these cast autographed movie posters on eBay, Amazon and elsewhere neatly signed, signatures perfectly spaced in the same color pen, I almost don't even need to look at the signatures to know they're fake autographed movie posters. In my opinion, at least 95% of cast autographed movie posters on the market are forged. If you're shopping for one, use extreme caution because more than likely you're about to be burned.

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