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Autographs Sold by Good Still Pawn Shop in Manchester NH Are Fake

Posted July 7, 2020 | Filed under General
More than seven years ago, I was contacted by someone on eBay asking about the authenticity of an autographed football he bought that came with an certificate of authenticity. It didn't take long for me to realize that 1) the football was a forgery and 2) so was the certificate of authenticity.

Their fake COA was printed on regular paper and had made up order numbers with numbers and letters. Our COAs are printed on parchment paper and have a 12 digit item number if bought on eBay or a three to five digit order number if bought from The number is 4 digits if bought between 7/27/00 and 12/1/11, 5 digits if bought 12/1/11 to present.

With help from the buyer, I tracked down the seller, a Peter Terragni selling on eBay using the company name NH Wholesalers in Manchester, New Hampshire. Checking his history, he had recently sold several fake autographs using fake AFS certificates. Mr. Terragni was less than cooperative, so I ended up hiring a Manchester lawyer and suing him.

This eventually resulted in a judgement against Terragni, which he never paid, but at least his illicit sales on eBay came to a screeching halt. Try Googling "Peter Terragni New Hampshire." I was able to obtain the contact information for his buyers and alert them that they were ripped off. And, Terragni revealed that he was selling the autographs on behalf of Good Still Pawn Shop (also in Manchester) run by Luke Nelson. So I sued him too.

It turns out that Mr. Nelson had apparently been selling fake autographs with my fake COAs for at least a period of months. As far as I know, my lawsuit stopped his illicit sales. But Nelson claimed he didn't have sales records that would allow me to contact his buyers since many were cash sales. To his day I have no idea what he sold to who.

Again, I won a judgement, and this time, over a period of years I actually collected most of it. It still didn't cover my legal fees, especially counting the Terragni lawsuit since he stiffed me. Eventually, Nelson stopped paying and not long after, Good Still Pawn permanently went out of business. This was more than a year ago.

I probably should have posted this information sooner, but until Good Still Pawn permanently closed, I was still hoping to collect the final payments from Nelson. Now that it's never going to happen, I think it's time that Mr. Nelson's behavior be fully revealed since my negative reviews of his pawn shop have been rendered meaningless.

I believe Nelson and Terragni were both blatantly dishonest and knew they were selling fakes. I don't know whose idea it was, and I don't know who did the actual forgery either. I recall they claimed there was a third conspirator involved but never provided any evidence. The local police and FBI didn't care.

I'm sorry for anyone who got burnt by Nelson buying fake autographs. I'm as much or more of a victim as you. Nelson committed fraud using my company's good name. Two lawsuits weren't even good enough for me to recover my legal fees, to say nothing of trying to get restitution for buyers.

If you happen to have bought an autographed item from Good Still Pawn and want to confirm if it's one of these fakes, feel free to call, text or e-mail.