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How Much Is My Autograph Worth?

Posted 5/6/2016 | Filed under Autograph Collecting Tips | Comments (0)
I've been in the sports memorabilia business one way or another for almost 3 decades. For almost 20 years, I've been in the autograph business full time. I've been quoted in local and national media and at least in certain genres, would consider myself an autograph expert.

People often come across autographs that they or a family member has obtained, whether in person, or buying from a store or eBay or wherever. When they want to know what it's worth or whether it's real, sometimes they contact me.

For as long as I've been in the business, I've usually tried to help people by at least pointing them in the right direction if I can't answer their question directly.

Unfortunately, from this point forward I will have to decline or ignore most such requests. In 2016 I've encountered so many people that were inconsiderate or ungrateful that I just can't justify using my valuable time any longer. I'm sorry I have to do this but time is money, and people who ask for my help and then argue with me or make commitments that they renege on are wasting my time. For similar reasons I am no longer helping charities or non-profits except for those I have worked with in the past.

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