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Do Not Buy Autographed Memorabilia in Las Vegas Unless You See It Signed Yourself

Posted May 13, 2018 | Filed under General

Fake Autographed Captain America Shield

Las Vegas was nicknamed "Lost Wages" for good reason. They didn't build those big shiny casinos to lose money to gamblers. Unfortunately, even if you win money gambling in Vegas, you might lose it anyway if you're foolish enough to buy sports autographed memorabilia in any casino shop. Yes, even the ones inside the 4 and 5 star casino hotels. Especially those.

The Vegas casino autograph forgeries offered are not only really bad fakes, but often priced higher than if they were legit. The buyers of these items are usually people who had good luck at the poker tables or slot machines and have no idea what real celebrity autographs look like. It's too bad that local and federal law enforcement don't bother cracking down on the massive fraud taking place right under their noses.

The worst offenders in Las Vegas are the Art of Music stores. They have multiple locations including in Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand and The Mirage. The Captain America shield shown here was photographed at their Mandalay Bay store and is definitely a complete forgery. In my visits I have seen nothing but forgeries at all of their stores. If you bought something from them, my condolences because it's probably a worthless forgery.